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About us

EPEC Group

EPEC Group is a High Voltage (HV) connections specialist, providing HV power engineering, EPC (for substations, lines and BESS BoP), testing and compliance services.

Our mission is to lead the way in connecting the future of Australia’s energy supply to renewable power generation sources. Since being founded in 2019, we have grown rapidly to support an evolving industry.

We manage connections to the national electricity market (NEM) through end-to-end solutions from pre-enquiry to connection and registration, testing, compliance and commercial operations.

Our knowledge of the regulatory environment and taking a risk-based approach to technical outcomes means certainty in delivery and improves speed to market for our generation customers.

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Testing & Compliance

Our founding directors

We bring together the people who know what needs to be done and make it happen.

Our leadership are high voltage power systems professionals who have worked across project development, design, tendering, construction, commissioning, operation, and maintenance across holding lead engineering, the electricity utility industry, and project and resource management.

Managing Director

Michael Moczynski

“We care about your project and are typically the first on and the last off… our people have a vested interest in what they do.”

Commissioning Director

Chris Kennedy

“At EPEC we create an environment where everyone is valued…even as a director, I just feel like I am part of the team.” 

Technical Director

Mark Parker

“We have created this business to follow the biggest engineering challenge of our current generation, the renewable energy transition.”

Our management team

General Manager Engineering

Bart Sedgwick


Jason Maloney


Neville Silvester



Ryan Carr

Our vision

At EPEC Group, our vision is to enable a sustainable future by connecting renewable resources.