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RENEWABLE Energy Projects Engineering Commissioning

At EPEC, we support your project by solving the complex technical problems necessary to navigate the regulatory environment encountered within the electricity industry.

EPEC’s services include professional electrical engineering and electrical contracting, with scalable end-to-end project and resource management.


EPEC provides industry-leading engineering, modelling and consulting services for electrical infrastructure projects. The EPEC engineering team consists of high voltage specialists with experience across the asset lifecycle in cost planning, network modelling, generator performance specification, management, negotiation and delivery of network connection agreements.

  • R0 Modeling
  • R1 Modeling
  • EY Modeling
  • Connection enquiries
  • Connection agreements
  • Concept design
  • Major Plant and Equipment specification
  • Power system studies
  • Generator performance specification (GPS)
  • Network owner liaison

Leading the industry in the next wave of renewable infrastructure

Rapid change is occurring in the National Electricity Market (NEM) as we transition to renewables and hybrid systems.

EPEC’s particular focus is on network connections for inverter-based technology.


  • Inverters for Wind Farms, SolarParks, and Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • High Voltage Direct Current converter stations for transmission applications
  • Static Var Compensators and STATCOMs in transmission and distribution networks
  • Static frequency converters in railway applications
  • High power VVVF drives for industrial applications


EPEC provide your projects with qualified Project Delivery Professionals. Our skilled team have in-depth EPC expertise and are ready to deliver across the high voltage electricity and renewable generation industries. We ensure all aspects of your Project are delivered to the best possible outcome for your connection to the electricity network.

The EPEC EPC team is made up of  a highly qualified group of high voltage (and other) design disciplines, project managers, project controllers, procurement and other specialists with in-depth experience across the asset lifecycle in cost planning, design engineering, management, negotiation and the delivery of electrical infrastructure.

  • Prime Contractor Role
  • Design and Construct
  • Test and Commission
  • Integrated Generator / Substation SCADA
  • Procurement and Procurement support
  • Substations, Transmission Lines, BESS Balance of Plant
  • Project Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Cost planning
  • Network owner liaison
  • Operation and Management of plants
  • Asset Management Enabler

Testing & compliance

EPEC specialise in testing and compliance for R2 registered generators. Supporting R2 generators by ensuring compliance with the National Electricity Rules (NER) regulations and reporting requirements as laid out in chapter 5, NER.

EPEC services offer the development and delivery of tailored test programs designed to ensure that R2 generators comply with the regulations and ensure our clients can generate, control, and protect power appropriately.

We work closely with you to develop testing programs specific to your asset, capturing all relevant data to ensure compliance and reporting requirements. We are adept at liaising between our generator clients and their OEM vendor to address and resolve issues that arise during the testing process, delivering certainty and speed to market.

  • R2 testing
  • Real-time testing using HIL technology
  • Develop client-required Compliance Test Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance Testing
  • Regulatory Compliance Reporting
  • Generator Compliance services
  • Commercial Operations enablement
  • Hold point testing
  • Debug OEM vendor products
  • Enable SCADA / Remote Communication

Looking for visibility across the entire lifecycle of your project?


EPEC SCADA services and support sits across our business lifecycle, including EPC and post Commissioning. EPEC SCADA includes design, installation, and maintenance of systems. With expert experience across renewables, including solar, wind and BESS. As well as the mining and resources sector.

Our systems allow operators to see what they need, when they need it, through our specialised software and hardware, and a clear easy to read platform. With implementation across both greenfield and brownfield  sites we improve efficiency, reduce downtime and enhance safety in real-time.


  • EPEC achieves Security Profile 2 (SP2) according to Australia Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF)
  • EPEC provides network security and monitoring through the entire lifecycle; design, commissioning, testing, and operation
  • EPEC ongoing support package provides quarterly, six monthly, and annual deliverables which detail security monitoring
EPEC Group - Renewable Energy - On-shore Wind Developers

Connect your project to opportunity

Find out how EPEC can bring forward the revenue generating opportunity for your inverter based renewable energy project.

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