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Generator compliance

The only road to renewable energy

In an everchanging world, understanding your obligations as a registered participant will ensure a brighter future for us all.
Generator compliance obligations

Understand your obligations as a registered participant

EPEC specialise in testing and compliance for Registered Generators. Obligations for  generators include periodic compliance testing, data collection and reporting to ensure compliance with the National Electricity Rules (NER) regulations, as laid out in chapter 5, NER. We help our clients understand their obligations and provide services to reach and maintain compliance.

R2 Generator compliance framework

Implement a Generator Compliance Framework

We work closely with you to develop generator test programs and a compliance framework specific to your asset, capturing all relevant data to ensure compliance, data and reporting requirements are fulfilled. We are adept at liaising between our generator clients and their OEM vendor to address and resolve issues that arise during the testing process, delivering certainty and speed to market.

R2 Generator resolve non-compliance

Resolve non-compliance infringements

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is responsible for monitoring compliance and enforcement under rules governing Australia’s wholesale energy markets. Penalties for non-compliance include fines, curtailed generation, reputation and investment to address non-compliance. EPEC support generators with preparing and submitting non-compliance documentation and can liaise on your behalf for follow up actions and closing out non-compliance documentation.

Your Partners in Generator Compliance

EPEC is a High Voltage (HV) connections specialist, providing HV power engineering, EPC (for substations, lines and BESS BoP), testing and compliance services.

We manage connections to the National Electricity Market (NEM) through end-to-end solutions from pre-enquiry to connection and registration, testing, compliance and commercial operations.

Our knowledge of the regulatory environment and taking a risk-based approach to technical outcomes means certainty in delivery and improves speed to market for our generation customers.

Hardware in loop testing

Collaborations with specialised partners like EPEC allow us to leverage their expertise in certain areas, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded compliance monitoring approach for Yarranlea Solar Farm. This approach aligns with our commitment to maximise Yarranlea’s efficiency and contribute positively to the local community and the broader renewable energy landscape in Australia.

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Generator compliance and enforcement

This year, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has taken a proactive stance by placing a significant priority on generator compliance and performance standards, aligning its approach with the National Electricity Rules (NER) Chapter 5 and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

“As Australia transitions to new forms of electricity generation with different technical characteristics it is more important than ever that all generators comply with the rules,” AER Board Member Justin Oliver.

AER’s renewed emphasis on generator compliance signifies a crucial step towards fortifying the nation’s energy grid, minimising disruptions, and fostering a sustainable energy future.

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