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We share key Generator Compliance challenges and how to solve them.

As Australia transitions to renewable energy sources, the Australian Energy Regulation (AER) have increased their surveillance of the National Energy Market (NEM) and issued new guidelines for Generator Compliance.

At EPEC, clients frequently come to us with various challenges as they strive to achieve and maintain Generator Compliance, particularly in accordance with the latest rules and regulations. From ensuring stability to mitigating potential risks, our experts at EPEC explore these challenges and share their solutions below.

“As Australia transitions to new forms of electricity generation with different technical characteristics it is more important than ever that all generators comply with the rules.” AER Board Member Mr Justin Oliver.

Key Generator Compliance Challenges

Generating System Commissioning & Testing

A key challenge in achieving generator compliance is ensuring proper commissioning and testing to meet all legislative and technical requirements. The complexity of modern generating systems, including renewable energy sources, can make this task challenging as it requires expertise and comprehensive frameworks.

Tailoring a generator compliance program to your specific site is the only way forward and compliance specialists like EPEC can assist you with that saving you time and resources.

Power System Stability and Security

Maintaining power system stability and security is another significant challenge in generator compliance. Generators need to comply with regulations related to frequency control, voltage regulation, and overall system stability. Failure to comply can result in disruptions in the power supply and potential blackouts. It is essential to conduct a series of real-time and simulated tests as part of your generator compliance framework to instil confidence and meet legislative requirements..

Accessing an experienced compliance testing team that can comprehensively test and assess your generator before full commercial operation, identifying and resolving potential integration challenges, will ensure a smooth transition.

Generator Performance Standards

Adhering to generator performance standards ensures that generators operate within acceptable limits for parameters such as output capacity, fuel consumption, emissions, and noise levels. Regular monitoring and inspections are necessary to verify compliance, which can be challenging due to the resources required to do so by registered participants.

Outsourcing your generator compliance program is an efficient and secure way to ensure peace of mind when maintaining generator compliance.

Incidents & Risk Mitigation

Generator compliance also involves addressing incidents and mitigating risks associated with their operation. Incidents such as equipment failures, fires, or environmental accidents can have severe consequences for both human safety and the environment.

Implementing effective risk management strategies, conducting thorough inspections, and enforcing strict maintenance protocols are vital to minimise the occurrence of incidents and mitigate potential risks.

Infringements & Breaches

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is responsible for monitoring compliance and enforcement under rules governing Australia’s wholesale energy markets. Penalties for non-compliance include fines, curtailed generation, damage to reputation, and investment to address non-compliance.

EPEC supports generators in preparing and submitting non-compliance documentation and can liaise on your behalf for follow up actions and closing out non-compliance documentation.

“Compliance can be an expensive exercise, but getting it right now will save you in the long run”

EPEC Representative

Ongoing Generator Compliance can be a daunting task but there are range of generator compliance resources available to assist you and your team.
Our experts at EPEC can assist you with Generator Compliance, saving you valuable time and resources. Contact Paul Minett via email paul.minett@epecgroup.com.au today for more information.